by Franck Cordes

“This story is one of hundreds of Grandpa’s true tales told to me many times before bed on land or on the family sailboat, ZOO. Throughout my life I’ve been inspired by his adventures on a French Navy petrol boat in the late 1930’s and early 40’s. He was just 17 when he enlisted , and each fantastic tale fueled his dreams of a life at sea, with a monkey and a dog as shipmates, visiting far away lands, facing danger and doldrums in equal parts.

I look forward to bringing these stories to you, with Booboo making more appearances.

Despite his eventual and hapless end, no doubt for his monkey thieving ways, he left behind a real legacy: not just little stolen momentos from ports around the world, but happier memories for a crew of men and boys far away from home in the midst of war. Their stories can inspire new generations of young adventurers, just like they did for me”.

Cheers to Booboo, he was part of the crew!

Booboo the Bad Monkey is currently out of print, please enjoy the story below:


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